The Oxford and Cambridge Club Beijing exists to serve the Oxbridge community in China, particularly that in and around Beijing. We believe that we are the longest standing and most well established club in Beijing. The Club is officially recognised by both Oxford and Cambridge universities.

We have a large and active community of over 1500 members, both Chinese and non Chinese in about equal proportion, from all ages and walks of life. Our official language is English, as this is a guaranteed common language arising from our common educational experience.

Whilst the Club is primarily aimed at alumni, current students are welcome to join as student members, and those who have held teaching posts at Oxbridge are also welcome. More details of membership criteria are in the Constitution.

The Club holds at least one event every month in addition to the regular pub meetup. Most of these are advance registration only (with the exception of the pub meetup) so that we have an idea of numbers. The Club holds a Charity Christmas Ball usually in December, a Boat Race viewing event in spring and a Garden Party in the summer. The Ball and Garden Party each host at least 200 guests and are highlights of the OCCB social calendar.

Event details are sent out on the start of each month via our regular newsletter, and updated to our Wechat, Facebook and Linkedin groups.  Details of these are in our newsletter.

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