The Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and Princeton alumni ski trip to Duolemeidi was a great success. Over twenty alumni from all four universities piled into a bus in the early hours of Saturday morning for a road trip that involved clean air, an entertaining tour guide and sights of the Great Wall.

On arrival we all hit the slopes. The skiing was great.

There were over six advanced slopes to ski down, all lined with beautiful fern trees, and we had the resort practically to ourselves. The view at the top of the mountain was stunning, a cascade of wind turbines adorned the surrounding hills and an endless blue sky stretched before us. Hot pot, beer and new friends took up the evening, and some vicious games of cards were played.

After a rested night in the ski lodge and a complimentary breakfast, some of our group were on the slopes by 8:30am; others, who will remain nameless, ventured out at the more civilised hour of 11:30am.

Following a good lunch, some group photos and a few last runs, we waved goodbye to ski slopes and passing donkeys as we drove off.

Returning to Beijing, we were greeted by fireworks, and some of the
group went for a final dinner. The trip was hailed as a triumph, as on
the bus attendees talked of nothing but of how it would be great to
get together for the same trip next year.