AGM social and elections to committee

When: 7.30 for 8, Monday 15 June
Where: ‘The Local Bar & Grill’, (formerly Brussels 布鲁塞尔酒吧), 朝阳区工体北路4号(1949西门对面)
Map: and here
Advance registration (for voting):   Advance registration will close 24 hours before the event starts.
Official documents: constitution and byelaws

The Oxford and Cambridge Club Beijing will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday 15th June at the Local, in Sanlitun (where the Boat Race event was held), combined with a social event. Drinks and food are available at the Local.

Please come along and attend and, even better, get involved with next year’s committee! All posts are open, and it is up to you what direction the club takes and what events are put on. We are keen to attract new blood and people who would like to contribute to the OCCB.

Pre-registration, in order to vote, is essential; only those who have held an academic research or teaching post, and graduates/alumni of Oxford or Cambridge Universities, are eligible to vote. However, you are welcome to turn up and attend, listen to the candidates for office, and enjoy the event, whether or not you are an alumnus.

We will be voting for next year’s officers – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee members, and hearing a very short report of the past year’s events and the Club’s finances. After that we will socialise in the usual OCCB manner!

Elections to OCCB committee

The term of office in the OCCB is committee is one year. So, all the positions are declared open.

Positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Sponsorship Officer, Charities Officer, General Member

The requirements of each position are in the attached byelaws starting from page 2.

Procedure: please complete and send the nomination form to by 21:00 on 13 June. Nomination forms received after this will not be accepted. Please submit as soon as you can as we aim to inform the membership regularly of the candidates.

The nomination form must be seconded by a Full OCCB Member. All questions should (ideally) be answered as is your opportunity to showcase yourself to the membership. A candidate statement is encouraged.

Candidates will be expected to attend the election in person (unless on a pre-planned business trip or emergency) to demonstrate why you want to be on the OCCB committee and answer any questions.

All information submitted will be made publicly available to all members both via email and at the AGM.

Each Full Member of the Society has one vote at any meeting of the Society. Only Full Members attending the meeting will have the right to vote, and there will be no voting by proxy. Voting requires advance registration.

Members will vote for each candidate by a single, transferable secret ballot and the candidate with the most votes for each post wins. Only Full-Members may stand for Officer positions or cast ballots. The voting will be transparent and the elections results will be published.